NJ Bartenders Association

Bartender training that's better than bartending schools
with free lifetime job placement and refresher training.

Learn to bartend in a REAL BAR!

No other bartending school or training facility in NJ offers the opportunity to learn behind a REAL BAR.

If you want a job as a bartender, don't go to bartending school.

There may be many reasons why you're looking to work as a bartender, but the most compelling reason is probably that you want to make extra money. That's why our focus is on getting you trained and working -- in less than two weeks.

At a traditional bartending school, tuition can run over $900, you must endure 10 hours of classroom training and then an additional 30 hours of practice time, (total 40 hours or two weeks of your life).

Our philosophy is completely different.

Our training is very comprehensive as well as fast, in order to get you working as quickly as possible. There's no fluff or filler, just everything you need to be a successful bartender. And in the unlikely event you feel the need for additional or refresher training,  you are welcome to stay in the class until you are satisfied you are able to work behind the bar. We feel the best way for you to become a superior bartender is to get out and start working.

  • Our membership fee is less than bartending school tuition — only $395.
  • You can make it back in just two nights on the job.
  • You'll learn fast --become a certified bartender in as little as two Saturdays!
  • Free refresher training and practice time -- as often as you like.

NJBA - the smart alternative to traditional bartending schools - for people to want to get trained, get certified, and get to work!

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