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Are you concerned about what is happening at your business when you are not there?

BarFly Spy Service - are you concerned about employee theft, poor customer service, alcohol distribution, inappropriate behavior?

We can solve that problem... and give you an assessment on how to protect and improve your business revenue.

We can provide you carefully trained and experienced bar and hospitality individuals that will give you a true picture on how your business is operating and eliminate such issues as bar theft and other business (integrity) concerns.

From the overall Customer Service of your staff, which includes employee attitudes, attentiveness, presentation skills, overall appearance, proficiency in skill, ability to communicate, to suspicion of inappropriate behavior, such as theft, alcohol distribution, ie: proper pour count, giving out "free drinks", proper alcohol awareness protocol, as well as working well with other members of your staff.

We also address such concerns as cleanliness and overall ambiance, food service, proper set up of the bar, efficiency related issues, as well as overall customer satisfaction.

But, more importantly, we address your SPECIFIC concerns, no matter what they may be. We do this in a very discrete manner, no one will suspect we are there, so we get a true picture of business operation and do not place your business at risk.

We will provide you with a very detailed report, and can provide you with suggestions upon your request. This will result in increased profits, smoother operations, and an improved customer experience.

Please feel free to contact us. You can be assured your discussions with us are always discrete and confidential.